Posted on June 28, 2017

Best essay writing services in the USA

We are looking at a boom in academic and writing services. I doubt there are existed as many American essay writers as there are today - take a look at the statistics. That’s understandable since writing has literally invaded every field of our life, no matter whether you are studying or working, there is always something you need to write. Of course, American essay companies come to rescue and allow people who love writing, help those who don’t have quite the same feelings and talents, or time. However, it’s easy to have doubts because along with credible and honest services who really aim to help their clients, there are those who just want to fit in the popular niche and make as much money as fast as possible. How do I find writers to write my essay? Many students say that they just let their intuition decide it. Sometimes, they say, even picking the first one works. Well, if that would really be the case, why would we see so many negative reviews and warnings on students’ discussions and forums? Perhaps, there should be a more effective method than just spray and pray. Yes, there is, indeed, and we will share with you one.
  1. Look for the service in regards to the specific task.
No matter how universal and big the service is, there is a certain specialization. Writers can’t be equally good in writing book reviews, essays, and thesis. If a website says that the team is up for any kind of tasks, it should put your guard up. No one can be equally good in everything which means, that’s a lie. You don’t want to choose a service that lies to its clients, do you? 2) Do you have deadline restrictions? Some services handle urgent assignments on a daily basis, for others, it’s just an exception. Usually, the website lists the average time the write spends to complete the task. If not, you can ask the Support about the average deadline for your type of task. Obviously, you want to work with the service that’s experienced in handling deadlines if you have a last-minute assignment. 3) Check the reviews Take a look at other people’s experiences of working with American essay writers. You don’t want all testimonials to be good - that just wouldn't be honest but too many negative opinions indicate that something is wrong. Oh, and a little hint - if a review mentions some insignificant thing like a lot of ways to contact the Support, it gives you a hint that the review is definitely paid. 4) Make sure these are native speakers The best way to check is to have a call with a writer. From the way a person speaks English, you can determine right away whether you talk to foreigners or US essay writers. Sure, most services, even the great ones, will not let you do that but some can make an exception. Doesn’t hurt to try, does it? Essay writers at Write my essay today, for instance, are always open to proving their qualification and the level of English in particular. 5) Check the legal agreements. All credible platforms have a possibility to take a look at legal licenses and agreements on a separate page. if there is no such option, most likely, the service is not taking legal issues seriously- and it's a really, really bad sign. Let’s wrap it up Sure, intuition has a big role when choosing the best USA essay writing companies simply because there are so many of them that you just can’t analyze all of them. Sometimes you can just feel that something is wrong about the website without knowing how to explain it. However, in most cases, research and meticulous evaluation do its job and protect you from fraud. Even if your task is really urgent, it’s still worth taking some time and analyzing the service you'll work with. You are getting your own writing consultants, just like students at Yale or Harvard do. It's a long-term cooperation that can last for years so making a good choice right away will save you a lot of time.